Alien: The Easter Edition

Alien: The Easter Edition

The crew of the USS Chocstromo really should have seen this coming.

Featuring John “Big John” Seaward from hit show The Inbetweeners.

Also featuring Come Dine With Me winner Patrick Fysh!

P.S. Any characters, scenes or events in the film “Alien: Easter Edition” that bear any resemblance to Ridley Scott’s “Alien” (1979) are entirely coincidental and unintended.

P.P.S. Prometheus looks really cool.

James Duckworth
John Seaward
Nic Lamont
Patrick Fysh
Maria Askew
Simon Maeder

Written by Geoff Gedroyc and Will Tribble
Director Editor: Will Tribble
Producer and DP: Geoff Gedroyc
Composer: James Duckworth
Sound Design: James Hyde De Lane Lea Studios
End music: “Merry Go” by Kevin MacLeod at
Camera Operator: George Burt
Camera and Sound Supervisor: Tom McDaniel
Prop Master SFX Supervisor: Kellie Black
Art Director: Kathryn Kane
Assistant Art Directors: Es